Here we go!

July 20, 2015 now that the website is launched...what next?

I'm taking a long view on this Ratatet thing.

The facts, as I see them:

1) Like many other composers, I love writing music. It is a sort of positive feed back loop that engages me in a creative back and forth between myself and the world.

2) From a composers point of view, nothing is better than writing for a group of killer musicians willing to put their time, talent and work into your compositions.

3) Painters paint, photographers make images, composers write music..but when the music only exists on manuscript paper, or in mock up form on a computer...well...

it's not quite alive, is it?

Music is most complete when it is moving air in a room where performers and audiences are experiencing it together.

4) The website is a place where I can put up info, ideas, recordings, and videos of live performances of Ratatet. So even though we can't be present in any given location at any given time, fans and curious listeners can still discover, reconnect and check in with Ratatet. This is an extension of the feedback loop I mentioned above. I am hoping it'll be a positive one.

5) My creative process is vital and ongoing and my hopes and plans for Ratatet are the same.

Check back here for a continuing chronicle of the music making exploits of Ratatet.