Best of 2016!


It's been 9 months since my last post here, and my how things have changed!

I'll refrain from larger global considerations here and focus on Ratatet.

I just got news about our inclusion in Andrew Gilbert's "Best of 2016" article for The Mercury news. I gotta say, that sure feels good. As much as I like to claim "I do this cause I have to", the appreciation and accolades of others who I respect really means a lot. This is the dilemma I'm going to ponder here.

We've had some motion this year, but I feel we should be getting more because, well, this band is "killin'", and yes, I think I write some pretty fresh material and that's a powerful combination...and....

hold on...this line of thinking (hustle, desire, pride) can be difficult territory for one who generally subscribes to a Buddhist approach to non-attachment.

It is plain to me now, despite the recent Mercury article, that if we are to achieve greater visibility, success, critical acclaim, it won't be overnight, if at all. 

How does one square these seemingly opposite desires? I don't think they can be squared. I'm just seeking an accommodation, however uncomfortable it may be.

In the striving for desired outcomes, however "deserved" they may be, one must realize that disappointment AND pleasure are both realistic possibilities.  One has got to accept this obvious truth before embarking. I think I'm getting there.

So, looking ahead to 2017 and thinking of next steps for Ratatet, plans include making of a video, or 2 or 3. grant applications, and some collaborations. I've got plenty new material and I'm eager to get it out there so stay tuned!


3/16 the CD is completed, in my hot little hands, and I just got word that jazz DJ  Jesse Chuy Varela has added one of our songs to the KCSM playlist (Father's and Sons). So begins the  dreaded  post- production phase of hustling for airplay and gigs  (and relevance?). I think I've braced myself for the knocks, un-returned calls and  indifference that I've been hearing about from so many band leaders on the hustle. Though this self- bracing may seem wise to some, perhaps there is another approach.

I've always wanted to believe, for better or worse, that the "cream always rises to the top", naturally and irreversibly. I know better - witness our current political campaign. However, some part of me still clings to part of this idea. I guess the crux of it is: if you truly put your best foot forward, with heart, commitment and your highest personal standards, you will produce great results. The truth of this is that, though your results may be great, the world owes you nothing for your good effort. It's about your own personal satisfaction, first and foremost. You are rewarded by the pride you can honestly feel about your work.

With that settled, the next part is a bit easier to approach. Knowing that the world owes me nothing, then I'm clear about what I'm doing, I don't harbor unrealistic hopes, and my actions can be aligned with my center.

Simply put: I want to share this music , and these amazing band members, with as many people as are interested.

It's good stuff and some folks even love it. I hope to find more of my peeps.

So here we be continued...