Good News, I muse.

Ratatet recently was awarded a grant from San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music to begin our next album "Heroes, Saints and Clowns" in conjuction with 2 new videos. 

This kind of validation of the band and my music is DEEPLY appreciated. It tells me I'm not TOTALLY crazy to be pursuing my musical goals within a Jazz based instrumental format.

Broadminded arts organizations, like San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, are truly essential to maintaining a vibrant counterpoint to the heavily sexualized, misogynistic, adolescent commercial music paradigm which dominates this culture. Don't get me wrong, there is some truly innovative and meaningful music in that world, but it's in a minority of cases.

With sever funding cuts on the horizon for the NEA, one's got to wonder. Are non-commercial musical forms destined to go the way of the player piano, only good for a moment of ironic entertainment? "How cute, a piano playing itself!" I hope not.

For the grant project, I plan to create 2 videos. The music and imagery in mind for these videos orignates from my bemusement, turned angst, turned anger at current events in our country. The Trump era is truly upon us. 

"Woke" is a new term I just learned from Nico, my self-declared Socialist son. I sense that if our art making is "woke", as opposed to "asleep", it will remain vital and relevant. Museums have there place, as does museum music. They let us look back. But after all, if you're moving forward while looking back, you're definitely gonna hurt yourself. 

Thanks to SFFCM for allowing me to move forward while looking forward.