"Heroes, Saints and Clowns" is released and accompannying video is on Youtube (Demogrsphic Shift), I gotta say, it's a kick to have people buy the cd from our Bandcamp Site; especially when the customers are actually folks I don't know! We've since had a slew of gigs, CD releases, band clinic/ performance and videos to make, for which I'm very grateful. I've started, for some crazy reason, writing music for Ratatet Octet. A local blogger will be using our HS&C material for her blog (more on that to come). Lastly, we may be landing a residency at a local venue, which would give us an opportunity to really work some new stuff out.

So it appears were gaining some traction, at least locally. Being in a tiny segment of the music business, I have no illusions of mass appeal...I'm in the wrong idiom for that. I simply hope to find and solidify OUR audience, whatever size it ends up being. I suspect there may  be folks in other countries who may also like what we do, and that will be the next mountain to climb. For now I shall take some satisfaction in the slight climb up we've managed to achieve.