Pre-release, Pre-launch, Pre-Blah Blah Blah

June 22, 2015

Spent all day working on various aspects of various launches:

Ratatet website (www.ratatet.com), our Indigogo video, the online shop mechanics...and this on my day off.

..and so it goes in this new world (to me) of DIY recording career, band management, fund raising, etc...

Now days, we musicians, composers and band leaders need to be small business enterprises..or maybe, micro-businesses?

Though not a big fan of her music, I like what Taylor Swift is standing up for.

"In an open letter to Apple, the pop star apologized to fans for withholding her album, "1989", from Apple's streaming service saying that the company's decision to offer a three-month free trial was robbing artists of a large chunk of their royalties."

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/06/5611285/taylor-swift-stands-up-to-apple#ixzz3eKZH1Bms


Of course, Swift's "victory" over Apple Music will fall far short of fair compensation for the composers and artists who end up on that platform.

I like the outlines of this model suggested by Anil Prasad:


(Anil Prasad is the founder of Innerviews: Music Without Borders, the world’s first online music magazine, established in 1994. You can comment on the Innerviews Facebook page or Twitter account (hashtag #fairstreaming).)

Things are changing...fast...and we musicians/songwriters clearly need to make adjustments to our expectations of, and involvement in, the "business" part of music business.