About Us

Hey, Welcome to Ratatet

I had the good fortune to grow in a musical home. My dad was one of those guys who knows every single part of equipment needed for music production to live concerts he has 40+ years experience in the music industry. and i got a very close opportunity to learn about all these things.

Apart from my father my younger brother and maternal uncle are also in the same business. Amidst All this, they created a household that always had some kind of music talk going on.

Also my father encouraged me to listen to various types of music, and appreciate the different styles. Whether it was a classical piece or classic rock, dad wanted me to listen, enjoy, and try to play it. that broad musical foundation has served us well over our lives.

It is that appreciation of music and recording that is behind Ratatet. My desire is to bring you useful information about what kinds of instruments and recording equipment & techniques is available.

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